Discover Riyadh’s world-class shopping and dining destinations.

Diriyah Gate will be home to leading international luxury brands. A completely new lifestyle experience for Saudi Arabia, the retail offering will combine iconic global brands with traditional artisan shops and souks, set within an authentic Najdi village atmosphere. Diriyah Gate is set to attract over 25 million visitors annually.

With more than 100 restaurants, Diriyah Gate will offer both local and international, casual and fine dining experiences in a variety of settings from urban squares to wadi vistas.


Riyadh’s most walkable city neighbourhood.

Set within highly walkable traditional Najdi streetscapes and in close proximity to your everyday needs, Diriyah Gate will be a unique environment for both living and working.

Contemporary workspaces immersed within Diriyah’s unique heritage will provide unprecedented amenities for professional and creative workers, located within easy access to a range of traditionally styled apartments, courtyard villas and townhouses designed with contemporary living in mind.


At-Turaif lies at the cultural heart of Diriyah Gate.

Diriyah Gate will offer a multitude of experiences, from celebrating the accomplishments of Kings and Heroes to discovering the stories that shaped Diriyah and the Arabian Peninsula.

At-Turaif lies at the cultural heart of Diriyah Gate. Built in 1744 and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, it was here that Diriyah’s ruling family lived under the leadership of Imam Mohammad bin Saud, the forefather of Saudi Arabia’s current King, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. At-Turaif remains an integral part of the Kingdom’s history.  


In Diriyah Gate, residents and visitors can also learn about Saudi Arabian history through several museums, cultural institutes and academies. Visit a thematic Period Village recreating life as it was 300 years ago or stroll through the Art District with its array of galleries, restaurants and authentic retail experiences.


Experience authentic Saudi hospitality from the kingdom’s most luxurious hotels and resorts.

Immerse yourself in Diriyah’s rich heritage and celebrated hospitality.

Set against a backdrop of breathtaking surroundings, a variety of premium hospitality experiences will await visitors with over 20 unique hotels, integrated resorts and venues for hosting exhibitions and events.


A university, cultural institutes and academies.

With a focus on heritage, culture and the arts, Diriyah Gate will feature several world-class academies, institutes and the King Salman University.

Embark on a wide range of classes and courses on offer at one of the cultural institutes specializing in Najdi architecture and mud-brick building, calligraphy, poetry, falconry, theatre, dance, music, culinary arts and the teachings of Islam.


Stroll historic laneways and take in the authentic Najdi architecture.

Stroll the three-kilometre escarpment walk overlooking At-Turaif or explore themed tourist trails connecting districts with landmarks named after Kings and Heroes.
Five iconic gathering places, including King Salman Square and the Heroes Memorial Plaza will offer spaces to gather for residents and visitors. Take in the authentic Najdi Architecture, meet with friends and celebrate.

Diriyah Gate Master Plan

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